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Flametect C SPRAY

Spray for natural materials

Ideal for natural fabrics (cotton, linen and wool), materials based on paper and cardboard. Often used on hay and straw.

  • Certificate of performance supplied with every order

This product has a high active solids content of 30% compared to about 15% of our competitors' products. This means it goes further and you don't need to saturate the treated material. This product is water soluble, so not for outdoor use or subject to weather influences (see Flametect Nitro D).

Our products are designed for easy self-application, but we can also send professional teams to do it for you or for larger projects.

We will label the curtains treated with flame retardants with instructions for care and durability. We have taken this over from our colleagues in England who have to apply this according to English law.

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  • Water-based flame retardant. Completely odorless

  • Treats an average of 10 square meters per liter. Possibly more on lightweight materials

  • Produced in an ISO 9001 Quality assured environment to strict standards

  • Full certification with every order traceable to a UKAS accredited laboratory (see reports here)

  • We provide iron-on fabric labels to identify fabrics as handled. The year is stated on the labels. Ideal for maintenance and inspections.
    (sample label, actual size 3 x 6 cm)

  • For use near metal objects, use Flametect Nitro

  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation that is easy to apply

  • High strength product can be diluted 1-2 times with water

  • Order before 3:00 pm for next day delivery

  • Most effective on natural materials or natural synthetic blends

  • Can reach BS5868 Part 2 Type B

  • Synthetics should be treated using Flametect Nitro, click here to view.

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